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DogNote helps pet owners keep track of their pets together. Everything important in one place.

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A better way to manage pets together

Keep having to ask whether the pet was fed? Log pet-related activities and keep your family members and caretakers in sync. Better than a pen and paper.

Always in the loop

The family system keeps all caretakers in sync as events and pet-related information is shared among the members. Food, medicine, vaccinations, achievements - everything important in one place.

  • Activity Feed

    All logged events in one feed with notes, comments, and images. Can be filtered by event, time, and the family member who logged it.

  • Personalized events

    Make it your own. Don't use or like the default events? Create new custom events or just reorder the existing ones.

  • Reminders

    Create one-time and repeating reminders for vaccinations, appointments, or any other events - synced with your family.

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Changes in pet's weight visualized

Add weight entries for your pets to see historical trends. Change the period between one month, three months, one year, and all-time. Data is synced between your family members.

  • Push notifications

    Notifications are sent for reminders, events logged, and event-related activities. Turn off the ones you don't care about.

  • Export data

    Events and pets data can be exported to various formats for sharing with others or analysis using external tools.

Screenshot of DogNote activity feed in light mode

Definitely better than pen and paper

Also available on the Apple Watch and in multiple languages (English, Estonian).

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Frequently asked questions

Can Android And iPhone users be in the same family?

Yes, the system is the same for both. Just install the app from either App Store or Play store and share your family's invite link, which others can use to join.

Is there an Apple Watch Companion app?

Yes! As of the latest update, it's now posisble to add shortcuts and log events directly via your Apple Watch.

Can I be in multiple families?

Yes, each user can belong to multiple families. However, you can only operate with one at a time and the current family can be changed via settings.

Is there a limit to the number of pets?

There is no limit. Add and manage as many pets as you want.